It’s no surprise that we as a society are doing more while we are on the move and the smartphone has become a valuable tool in keeping us connected to the world whether for business or pleasure. I know I’ve used mine for anything from taking notes, photos, photo apps, emailing, reports, making and taking payments, social media and even the occasional phone call or two.

With the revamp of the website, I’ve moved it to the WordPress platform which allows flexibility in management and maintenance. Worh that, this post will be my first test to see how I can do simple posts while on the move.

I’m currently on an Android phone (Yes, I abandoned my iPhone many many years ago without regret. Now I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S9+. It just offers me a lot more flexibility). There are tons of compatible apps and WordPress mobile was simple to install and authorize for my website.

The mobile version seems to have all the same features and controls as the desktop version. Just have to get used to working on a much smaller screen! Just noticed that the dashboard is very simplified and lacking some of my custom features that I had installed as plugins. Ability to modify some theme and setting controls is lacking as well. For general posting and maintenance, I’m sure it will be fine but it won’t replace the desktop browser version.

Up to now, I’ve been typing in the content, which is much slower than using a full sized keyboard. But I do have the option if using voice to text which I will do from this point on.

I’ve noticed some quirks so far, such as inserting images into the post and saving as a draft, the images do not reappear when I open up the draft for editing again. Also saving the draft with images in takes quite a bit of time as the app tries to upload the images to the server. I’d likely get around this by inserting images at the end of the post just prior to publishing.

Speaking of images, I’m able to insert straight from my gallery on the phone or by actually taking photograph with the camera. I would prefer to insert from the Gallery as I like to edit my images in Snapseed first. But it’s nice to know is that I can do a quick and dirty post just by taking a picture if I need to.

So there you have it, the first post through it the mobile application of WordPress. I will keep you posted if I find any other issues with the process.