What does the Future hold …

This would be the second time I will be revising the website – call it Q-Vision v2.0.

The first version was with my good friend and partner, Monica and we did a lot of event and studio photography together for several years. We had a lot of fun but we’ve both decided that we wanted a change and decided on other pursuits. You can see what Monica is up to at https://monarchsandmore.com/

As for Q-Vision, I’d like to take it in another direction. There are some projects that I have in mind that I want to accomplish. I plan to do more one-on-one workshops with people who want to learn, but I will still do the group sessions as well. There are some photographic themes that I want to explore as well to do a series of works. I’ve recently acquired a 3D printer that will be used to manufacture parts for some film camera conversions that I have in mind. Even though Transport Canada is limiting the use of drones, I have some projects planned for mine with some aerial photography and video.

We’re also in the process of downsizing the homestead here since we’re now empty nesters. That in itself will be an experience as we list the house and look for something smaller – hopefully not too small!

So that’s just some of the things to look forward to. Stay tuned!